Johannes Schnatterer

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About me

In the last 10 years I've worked in a variety of roles in development, operations and technical leadership.

In the early years I developed mainly in Java and JavaScript.
In the last couple of years I came to do more operations, which coincided with the rise of containers and cloud-native.

In general, I'm a strong believer in open source, like to write and would love do much more talks.

I work for cloudogu, where I lead the infra team, that provides a Kubernetes and GitOps-based platform to our application teams, that develop myCloudogu, the Cloudogu ecosystem and SCM-Manager, among other things.
I'm also senior consultant and trainer for Kubernetes, Docker and GitOps.

Before that I was one of the lead developers of myCloudogu, an SCM-Manager maintainer and consultant in different industries like automotive, logistics, finance, insurance, health and aerospace. There, I worked in different roles, as (lead) developer, architect, technical project manager, requirements engineer and in quality assurance.

Since 2021, I'm on the program advisory board of the Mastering GitOps conference.


Dev, Ops (DevOps, AppOps), SRE, Platform Engineering

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and GitOps



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