Johannes Schnatterer

Software development, operations, training + technical leadership


About me

In the last 10 years I've worked in a variety of roles in development, operations and technical leadership.

In the early years I developed mainly in Java and JavaScript.
In the last couple of years I came to do more operations, which coincided with the rise of containers and cloud-native.

In general, I'm a strong believer in open source, like to write and would love do much more talks.

I work for cloudogu, where I lead the infra team, that provides a Kubernetes and GitOps-based platform to our application teams, that develop myCloudogu, the Cloudogu ecosystem and SCM-Manager, among other things.
I'm also senior consultant and trainer for Kubernetes, Docker and GitOps.

Before that I was one of the lead developers of myCloudogu, an SCM-Manager maintainer and consultant in different industries like automotive, logistics, finance, insurance, health and aerospace. There, I worked in different roles, as (lead) developer, architect, technical project manager, requirements engineer and in quality assurance.

Since 2021, I'm on the program advisory board of the Mastering GitOps conference.


  • Dev, Ops (DevOps, AppOps), SRE, Platform Engineering
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and GitOps
  • Security/Infosec
  • Observability
  • Software Architecture
  • Infrastructure As Code
  • Clean Code
  • Quality Assurance
  • Docs As Code
  • Coffee

Open Source Projects

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